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Types of Food Industry jobs

The Food Industry is reliant on many different disciplines and not just lower level people that process food or skilled artisans tradesmens like bakers. There are many other jobs in administration and mid to high level management as well as pharma and engineering that are relevant to the food industry.

Working in the food industry is a rewarding career, however it can be hard to initially get involved in. Without the correct knowledge about the food industry, finding a job can have many obstacles. However with the right place to look, getting your foot in the door couldn’t be easier.

Quorum Search PArtners in Ireland are specialist recruiters that source people in all areas of the food industry. Sp[ecialst recruiters who hire people within the food industry, look for people who have a genuine passion for food and all that goes in to producing it. Quorum offers a jobs database featuring jobs for those who are experienced within this industry, as well as training jobs and first jobs for those who wish to join this bustling industry. Quorum has an up-to-the-minute job posting within the food industry which means that it is the place to go if you want to get the best jobs.


Food Jobs

Recruiters not only look for a passion for the food industry when hiring new people, they also embrace someone who has taken the time to increase their knowledge and experience in relation to the food industry. Ensuring you stay up to date on the latest food industry news through QSP.IE is vital when applying for a food industry job.


What is the food industry?

When considering a job in the food industry, it is best to know all the areas this consists of. If you are looking for a way into the food industry, jobs such as training schemes or graduate programmes are the best ways of securing an interview. However if you have more years of experience in various fields, your skills could transfer to a managerial type role that will benefit the food industry.

However it is important to remember that the food industry is not only based on skills, but also on passion and knowledge regarding food production and manufacturing processes etc. It is important that when making this decision to be a part of the food industry, that you have had some experience of how it works and what is involved. For example, if you wish to be involved in a managerial role within a restaurant it is important that you have knowledge and experience relating to this field. So in order to succeed at this job and help secure an interview, recruiters would look to see that you know how restaurants are managed from the highest positon, to the lowest position within the restaurant structure. As well as this, knowing and experiencing the latest food trends occurring in restaurants will help keep you ahead of the game, and give you the edge within this industry. 


QSP Jobs Database

QSO.IE offers many jobs within this industry, all in one place and easily accessible when searching for a job or career in the food industry.

Quorum offers job in the following areas: Buying/Purchasing, Engineering, Environmental, Finance, Food Science, Fresh Produce, Graduates, Health & Safety, HR & Training, Hygiene, Interim, IT & Administration, Marketing, New Product Development, Operational Management, Packaging, Planning, Production & Manufacturing, Quality Assurance (QA), Research & Development, Sales/Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical and Technologists.

Buying/purchasing jobs rely heavily on knowledge of the food industry and a keen eye for products and negotiation. The main tasks for this job includes purchasing food materials at the best cost, communication, negotiation and building relationships with manufacturing clients. In order to stay ahead of the competition, knowledge of the latest food products are paramount when staying ahead of your competitors.

New product development jobs are perfect for people with a creative flair. New product development jobs are in high demand, with companies wanting to stay ahead of the game by competing against their competitors. Working in new product development calls for someone who knows the industry and knows its competitors. As well as this you must be creative in order to grab attention, and know what is appealing and what sells in this industry.

Environmental jobs require strong knowledge of food laws, health and safety, environmental policies and standards. When applying for a job regarding environmental issues it is important that you agree that you will ensure that companies meet environmental standards.

Working in Finance is a common and important part of any company or industry. Financial aspects are relevant in making sure that large companies or industries run smoothly and all products are being purchased and produced at the right cost etc. offers jobs within finance, from training graduate schemes to chief financial officer jobs all within the food industry. A career in finance is one that takes years of training in order to succeed, however unlike other careers within the food industry, these skills can transfer from any other job field into the food industry.

A chef job seems pretty straightforward in what is required in this role. offers jobs that start at the bottom, with someone using their skills to train as a chef in the food industry. There are also jobs higher up, with positions for Head Chef for those who wish to make the most of the culinary world.



QSP.IE not only serves as a great food jobs database within the food industry, but also is a reliable source of news and careers advice that acts as knowledge and guidance around all issues relating to the food industry.


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