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online COVID-19 visitor registration and self-screening forms

Free COVID-19 self-screening forms

How Does it Work?

In less than 5 minutes you will have created a great looking mobile friendly form with a registration database to store your data. Another couple of minutes and you can have a link on your website or social media page ready to go. This community funded service is totally free and will be maintained for as long as it is needed. 

1 Customise Labels
After you set-up an account you can edit the default labels on your form, add your own groups/sessions, or delete them if not needed, edit the default COVID questions and add additional guidance in sub headings.

2 Use your form link on your website or social media
Copy the custom URL provided and use it on your website or a social media page wherever you plan to put a "COVID Pre-Register" button or link. When a user clicks on this link they will be directed to your COVID Visitor registration & Screening form.

3 Access your Daily Registration list
You can access your daily registration list from within your account (login) or via a unique link (PIN protected) which you can bookmark on your phone or put on your website somewhere for your convenience. You can also mark attendance for contact tracing purposes, in the event of a notified COVID-19 infection.

Get your FREE online COVID-19 Vistor registration and self-screening form

COVID-19 Registration form with self screening



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